Nieuws - 27 september 2001

Wanted: rooms for international students

Wanted: rooms for international students

Wageningen University is desperately seeking rooms for newly arriving international students. The university has asked its staff to make rooms available for students who are due to arrive in October.

Student housing agency SSHW has allotted 720 rooms for international students this year. According to university estimates this is too few, and they expect that at the beginning of October there will be 20 students without a room. The university fears that this number will rise to about 40 by the middle of the month.

Wageningen University asked its staff last Friday to make rooms available in their houses to offer temporary accommodation to foreign students and guest researchers. The university is surprised by the large number of enrolments for the international MSc-programmes this year, a record number of 300. The university reserves rooms for the international students each year with SSHW, and had increased the number from 650 last year to the present 720, but it now looks as though this will not be sufficient.

According to Joop Begemann of the department of student affairs, the university will also consider providing emergency housing in the form of old university laboratories. He also asked the municipality to help seek short-term solutions for housing international students. SSHW expects that it will be able to house newly arriving international students again in December. The department of student affairs will also ask the university chair groups to look carefully at applications from foreign researchers and students. If possible they should advise their guests to postpone their stay for a couple of months.

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