Nieuws - 2 oktober 2012

Want to party?

Wageningen will celebrate 750 years of having been granted city rights. Wageningen UR will participate, but in a small way. Unless someone comes up with a bright idea.

Simon Vink, spokesperson for Wageningen UR, keeps his mind open for these ideas. He is coordinating the W750 celebrations for Wageningen UR. From the look of things now, Wageningen UR will participate only in a small way. 'Our role is chiefly a supporting one. We are not taking charge of the party. Wageningen 750 is first and foremost a celebration for the municipality. We will have our own celebrations next year for the 95 th anniversary of Wageningen University.'
Jubilee book
But this does not mean that Wageningen UR is not doing anything. Vink says that the institution will be one of the chief sponsors of a special jubilee book to be published for W750. 'We will also try to find a link between our own activities and W750. Such as by placing the dies celebration, the opening of Orion and the reunion days within the W750 context.' For example, the 25 th and the 50 th   year reunions could be held on the same day (Friday 14 June) as the Meet Again Day in Wageningen for former and current Wageningen residents.
The dies celebration could be embellished with a procession of professors through the city. Vink: 'We will also see how we can support the municipality in other ways, for example, by making space available. Ad we may also share in the gifts.' In June, for example, on-the-spot theatre will take place in eight locations in the city, including the Forum, the greenhouses of Unifarm, in Ceres and in one of the star flats.
The library in the Forum will hold an exhibition dedicated to W750 from June to October. 'We plan to focus on what we can tell about the history of Wageningen,' explains Liesbeth Missel, conservator for the Special Collections. The library's extensive collection of maps and publications will be brought out for this purpose. 'We want to relate history based on three colours: blue, red and green. The colours stand for Wageningen by the water, the city development of Wageningen, and agriculture and nature in Wageningen.'
The programme for W750 has been laid down in broad lines. The kickoff will take place on 10 January on the market square with a new year's reception for all Wageningers. The focus will lie around 12 June, the city's official birthday, which will feature a historical procession, children's party, neighbourhood day and Meet Again in Wageningen.