Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Wageningers make World Bank reports clearer

Wageningers make World Bank reports clearer

Wageningers make World Bank reports clearer

Poor, debt-ridden countries have to show the World Bank in the reports they
write that they have a strategy to solve their complex problems of hunger
and poverty.

Without these Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers they are not entitled to
debt relief or other forms of assistance. But food security is a complex
problem involving many factors. As a result the Papers are often not
systematically written. Plant scientist Dr Prem Bindraban, nutrition expert
Dr Inge Brouwer, development economist Dr Henk Moll and a number of other
researchers got together to review 75 reports and came up with a number of
suggestions for how the guidelines for writing an interdisciplinary-based
report can be improved.

Weight loss good for blood pressure

One kilogram weight loss results in about a one millimetre drop in blood

Researchers at the Human Nutrition Group discovered this while doing a re-
analysis of data from a dozen published studies. The project started in
1999, and is compiling an overview of the influence of lifestyle on blood
pressure. Of the seven factors that the researchers examined body weight
turns out to be the most important. Systolic blood pressure, the pressure
at the moment when the hear contracts, goes down by almost one millimetre
for each kilogram of weight loss. The decrease in diastolic pressure, the
pressure between heart beats, was about the same. It is not yet clear of
the decrease is directly due to the weight loss or the decrease of body fat
in the people studied, who had followed a programme of dieting and