Nieuws - 24 september 2009

Wageningen's top citations

For many years, the 1974 work on the growth stages of grains, by phytopathologist Jan Zadoks, was the most cited article by a Wageningener. Last year Zadoks was overtaken by Willem Stiekema, who published the genome of the model plant Arabidopsis, together with a group of colleagues.

 A typical Wageningen research project with a high citation score was the 1993 Zutphen Human Nutrition study. Coming in at number four is a relatively unknown but very influential study by the Wageningen statistician Cayo ter Braak. And at number five another group study, this one on the value of nature areas, with Dolf de Groot of Environmental Systems Analysis.
1) Kaul S, Koo HL, Jenkins J, et al (2000), Analysis of the genome sequence of the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Co-author Willem Stiekema. Published in Nature. Number of citations: 3071.
2) Zadoks JC, Chang TT, Konzak CF (1974), Decimal Code for Growth Stages of Cereals. Published in Weed Research. Number of citations: 2874.
3) Hertog MGL, Feskens EJM, Hollman PCH, Katan MB, Kromhout D (1993), Dietary Antioxidant Flavonoids and Risk of Coronary Heart-Disease - The Zutphen Elderly Study. Published in The Lancet. Number of citations: 1995.
4) Ter Braak CJF (1986), Canonical Correspondence Analysis - A New Eigenvector Technique for Multivariate Direct Gradient Analysis. Published in Ecology. Number of citations: 1901
5) Costanza R, d'Arge R, de Groot R, et al. (1997), The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital. Published in Nature. Number of citations: 1502.