Nieuws - 1 november 2012

Wageningen's star still rising, VHL steady

Eight percent more students at university. First-year numbers down at VHL Wageningen and Velp.

Wageningen UR is still growing. The latest figures show that 1950 first-year students enrolled this year. This time last year this figure was 1801. This means a growth of eight percent, while last year the growth in numbers of first-years seemed to be levelling off.
For BSc degrees, 1189 new first-years enrolled, as opposed to 1110 last year. The number of first-year MSc students has risen from 691 to 771.  Social sciences degree programmes have not achieved the 70 percent growth predicted in August, although the degree programmes in Business and Consumer Sciences, Health and Society and Applied Communication Sciences have undergone considerable growth. After Nutrition & Health and Biology, Business and Consumer Sciences is the most popular degree, with 126 first-years. 
At Van Hall Larenstein, enrolment is falling. The applied sciences school has 1046 new first-years this year, as opposed to 1130 in 2011 and 1204 in 2010. The drop is mainly in programmes in Velp and Wageningen.