Nieuws - 8 oktober 2010

Wageningen wins soil drilling contest

An extraordinary event took place on a piece of farm land behind the Haarweg in Wageningen on Tuesday 5 October: the student soil drilling championship, captured on video by Resource.

Delft geeks trying to browbeat the Pyrus management team face to face.
Stick a drill in, give it a few turns, pull the drill out, press out the earth and quickly insert the drill back into the hole again. The soil drill is usually used to collect samples, but the aim this time has nothing to do with research. It's to be inserted completely into the ground as quickly as possible.

As soil particles are being flung about all over the place, 66 clamorous teams try to bore their way to victory. Getting dirty is part of the game, says Boven van Gorp of the team 'Drill it on': 'Traditionally, the loser rubs mud all over you. And then of course, you do the same in return.'
A young woman from Delft seems to have had it up to here, her heels completely sunk into wet clay. The boots of other participants have picked up generous amounts of clods too.

Started as a typical student joke at student society Pyrus, the championship is now in its twelfth year and has grown into a contest with more than 350 participants. 'It is a spectacle unlike any others', says Gert Peek, head of the referees. A soil scientist himself, he can be nicknamed the father of the soil drilling championship. Peek is very pleased with the soil structure: 'The conditions are wonderful, the boring's been great.'
The final is between two Pyrus teams, thus making this a home match. The BP Offshore Drilling Team wins the much sought after Golden Soil Drill.