News - May 1, 2012

Wageningen wins Batavieren race

Wageningen emerged champions in the 40th Batavieren race last weekend. The Wageningen University Team took the lead halfway through the competition and did not let it go. The winners covered the 172 kilometres in 10 hours and 29 minutes.

With this victory, Wageningen is officially the fastest university in the Netherlands for the first time since 2006. Eindhoven came in second, eight minutes behind, and Twente followed four minutes afterwards. Groningen, the main rival for the title, was disqualified because its team made a mistake in the registration procedure.
With 8,509 participants, the Batavieren race has broken its own record for being the 'biggest relay race'. The race therefore deserves a new mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. During the 40 th Batavieren race, 348 teams ran with a total of 8,509 participants.
The highlight of the Batavieren race is the farewell party. The organizers estimate that 13,000 people danced late into the night to 'dispel muscle cramps'.