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Wageningen well placed

Wageningen well placed

Hybrids can connect product developers with consumers

If action is not undertaken, the hype surrounding consumer oriented product
development in the food industry will fade away. Ana de Costa is worried
that disappointed product developers will discover that involving consumers
in the development of new foods is a nice idea, but one with little
potential. The Portuguese researcher describes the alternatives in her
thesis, for which she received her PhD on 2 May.

Despite huge costs and efforts by R&D departments, most new food products
brought onto the market flop. When marketing specialists in other sectors
started to experiment with consumer oriented development the designers in
the food industry pricked up their ears. They started to pin their hopes on
this new approach in which the design process is guided by the wishes of
consumers. Ana de Costa has bad news for them: most of the methods used in
the new approach have to be considerably adapted for the food industry
otherwise they don’t work.

“The problem is the overlap between the experiential worlds of users,
marketers and designers,