Nieuws - 11 oktober 2012

Wageningen students positive about programmes

Plant Sciences comes top. VHL gets disappointing scores.

In general students at Wageningen University are very satisfied with their programmes, according to the latest data from the National Student Survey. True to tradition, these results have appeared first in an Elsevier higher education special. Asked about facilities, education, the programme, the teachers and the assessments, Wageningen programmes score an average of 78 (BSc programmes) and 75 (MSc programmes) out of 100. The national average was around 65. At 85, Plant Sciences got the highest score in the country, taking over from Agrotechnology, which dropped from 98 last year to 81 this hear. Among the Master's programmes, International Land and Water Management is in the lead (85).
Remarkably, Wageningen ended up quite low in the general ranking of universities (third of the four specialized universities). But this is almost certainly due to a miscalculation by Elsevier (see our site using search term 'Elsevier', for the details).
In the applied sciences category, Van Hall Larenstein's low score is striking. The applied sciences programmes there do not score more than 53 points. This puts VHL at 25 th place on the 'satisfaction ranking'  - out of 26 applied sciences institutions. For the Tropical Agriculture programme the score of the teachers (31) is even the lowest of all the applied sciences programmes in the Netherlands.