Nieuws - 13 juni 2013

Wageningen students once again extremely satisfied

Wageningen University gets the best score for the eighth year running.
International students are positive about the teaching and help provided.

The 2013 National Student Survey shows that Wageningen students are more satisfied with the education they get than students at other universities. That no longer comes as a surprise as Wageningen has ended up top for the past few years. Even so, it is surprising how well Wageningen scores on nearly all aspects. The universities are assessed on twenty aspects, including both the degree content (scientific skills, preparation for your career, exams and lecturers) and the facilities (studying facilities, supervision, information provision and the say you have in education matters). Wageningen far outperforms the rest on these aspects. In the twelve other areas, Wageningen was often tied first or else second or third.
International students
The survey is held annually among all students at Dutch universities. International students can also have their say. They think Wageningen does a good job of helping its students with accommodation, enrolment and visas. The staff speak good English and there is a good range of English-language courses. The assistance from mentors scores less well this time.  
As regards internationalization as a theme, Wageningen is joint first together with Eindhoven University of Technology. Wageningen dominated this theme too in the previous three years, with its own scores increasing every time. Wageningen's score went up again this year. But its rivals have not been sitting still either: Wageningen and Eindhoven tied for first place this time.  
The National Student Survey was completed by 264,710 students at academic and applied universities. The number of respondents at Wageningen this year was 3,571, compared with 2,866 last year. The survey is used as input for the Study Guide, the website and Elsevier magazine's annual education issue.