Nieuws - 6 oktober 2010

Wageningen students in Take Me Out

‘Give us a new guy!’ Eddy Zoëy conjured one cute guy after another from the lift for a date with one of his girls. Wageningen students Frank van Dijk and Babette Engelgeer took part in Take Me Out.

How did you get into such a programme?
Frank: 'I was approached by a casting agency.'
Babette: 'I signed myself in.'
Do you look like that in real life?
Babette: No. A stylist chose all the clothes. I had an ethnic dress with wooden earrings and a very thick layer of make-up. Completely un-Babette-like.
Frank: 'I do. The stylist was a little angry when I wanted to wear my own clothes. But he gave in finally.'
What took place behind the scenes?
Frank: 'Several of us men waited in a small office with a Playstation and a fridge full of beer. Just as well, because I was pretty nervous when I stepped into the lift.'
Babette: 'It was the same with the women. We chatted amiably and had wine. Our glasses were filled frequently so that we could loosen up somewhat.'
Are the women really as stupid as they look on TV?
Babette: 'They're alright. In fact, they are very different, not just dumb blonds. When you get to know them better, most of the girls are not so superficial.'
Frank: 'The girl I was interested in was a student. I didn't pick her just because of that, though. It remained a bit of a gamble who you got.'
Frank still has one more date to go. What happened?
'There was in fact no date. I had expected to be given a meal or something like that, but we weren't. I did fix up an appointment with her afterwards, but that was that.' - Agnes Tol
You can still watch the episodes on Frank appeared in episode 14 and Babette in episodes 20 to 29.