Nieuws - 6 mei 2010

Wageningen recovers from Liberation Festival

An estimated 120.000 people visited Wageningen yesterday. Unitas students assisted in building up and breaking down, security, and surveillance of the stage Kabaal am Gemaal.

The stage Kabaal am Gemaal, 00.30 hrs.
Students of youth association Unitas turn off the lights and clear the stage of its speakers. This years' liberation celebration is over.
Kabaal am Gemaal is the stage for punk and metal music. On the fifth of May several bands performed: Dead Cell, Mr. Irish Bastard en The Lucifer Principle. It was extremely busy yesterday in Wageningen, an estimated 120.000 people visited the festival in the city centre. It was exactly 65 years ago that The Netherlands were liberated after World War II.
You can find more pictures on the offical site of the festival.