Organisatie - 10 oktober 2013

Wageningen love baby in China

Linda van der Nat

A real Wageningen love baby was born in August in the Chinese capital Beijing.

Wageningse liefdesbaby Huang Ningen
Tom and Zoe, both from China, studied in Wageningen a few years ago. They ended up on the same corridor in the Rijnsteeg student residence, and that’s where they fell in love. What started as a casual romance quickly became a committed relationship.
The couple stayed together when they returned to China, where their son was born in mid-August this year. His name: Huang Ningen, which means ‘Thanks to Wageningen’. A tribute to the city where the couple met, say the proud parents.

Marjolijn Coppens, now education director at Biology, lived on the same corridor as Tom and Zoe at the time. Together with other flatmates, she sent a parcel of gifts to China, including a Wageningen University sweater in a baby size. Because Huang Ningen weighed 7.7 jin (3850 grams) at birth and came into the world on the Chinese Valentine’s Day (the seventh day of the seventh Chinese month), his pet name is Cheechee, meaning ‘little seven’. Little Cheechee looks like both his parents, according to Zoe.