Nieuws - 24 september 2009

Wageningen has highest paid executive board again

Aalt Dijkhuizen gets more pay than any other university executive. At 300,000 euros a year, his salary is way above the 'Balkenende-norm'.

This appears from a list which the general union for education institutions (Algemene Onderwijsbond) has compiled based on annual reports. Just like last year, Wageningen UR is listed three times among the top ten. Martin Kropff and Tijs Breukink each take home 244 thousand euros, including pensions, and are ranked fifth and sixth. The top earner is Aalt Dijkhuizen whose pay of 313 thousand euros is the highest pay for an executive in university education.
The salaries are fixed by the Supervisory Board, whose chairman Margreeth de Boer told Resource last year that Wageningen executives are paid for managing, in totality, an applied sciences institution, a university and a market-oriented research organization. She also declared that decisions about salary amounts for new appointments are made only after consulting the LNV minister.
Besides Dijkhuizen, no other executive has a salary above 300,000 euros. The second, third and fourth highest paid are the chairmen at VU Amsterdam, Maastricht University and Utrecht University, earning 277, 263 and 247 thousand euros respectively. Next in line are Kropff and Breukink. In seventh place is Lex Bouter, rector of the VU: 233 thousand euros.
In total, forty executive members in the education field earned more than the 'Balkenende norm' (income cap) of 181,773 euros per year in 2008. This norm only applies to civil servants, but the semi-public sector is also bound by it. The cabinet hopes to propose a bill next year for the 'Second Chamber' of the Dutch parliament. /HOP