Nieuws - 14 december 2006

Wageningen gets Erasmus student network

The international branch of student organisation KSV St. Franciscus, KSV International, has become part of the network of Erasmus students, ESN. The board hopes that this will help strengthen the local organisation.

The Erasmus Student Network is a Europe-wide student organisation that promotes social and personal integration of international exchange students. Local ESN-sections offer help, guidance and other valuable information to exchange students, so that newcomers can find their way more easily in their new surroundings and get more out of their exchange.

The Dutch ESN-branch is responsible for more than ten thousand exchange and international students, and is represented in twelve cities throughout the Netherlands, including Leeuwarden. ‘It’s quite a task to reach new students throughout the year, as many international students only stay for a few months,’ explains Cees Gauw, president of ESN-Wageningen. ‘By joining ESN we can reach students even before they arrive in Wageningen. That KSV-International was already there is an advantage, as it means we can offer an organisation, a place and contact with Dutch students.’

The Wageningen ESN-section starts in January, and is open to all Dutch and international students.