Student - July 11, 2016

Wageningen UR host of student sport games

The Great Dutch Student Games (GNSK) are coming to Wageningen in 2018. Wageningen UR was selected to be host of the games by the boards of participating student sports organisations.

(Photo: Martha Hofsteenge)

Wageningen UR sent in a bid in cooperation with Thymos to bring the games to Wageningen. The GNSK games are the biggest student sports event in the Netherlands in which 11 colleges and universities battle for the title 'Dutch students champion'. The organisation behind GNSK, Stichting Studentensport Nederland (SSN), says the university won the bid in part because of it's 100 year anniversary in 2018. Kevin van Loon of the SSN: 'But also because it was about time that Wageningen would host the games.'

The last time Wageningen UR hosted the games was back in 1999. It took this long for the games to return to the university because there weren't enough sports facilities according to Van Loon. Wageningen UR has enough capacity to host the games since the expansion of the facilities at De Bongerd. The reoccurring sports at the games are badminton, basketball, handball, fencing, squash, tennis, football en volleyball. A board to be set up will also determine a number of sports to be added to the list which usually consists of a total of 16 to 18 sports. The GNSK-board will be formed sometime next year and will also decide which sports will also be included in the games.