Nieuws - 20 oktober 2010

Wageningen Party website

Who? Jonas van Duijvenbode.
What? Created together with co-student Alan.
Why? ‘Because you don’t want to do nothing but study’.

Why did you create the website?
'We had missed a couple of great parties in 't Gat  because we just didn't know they were on. Bummer. You really can't allow yourself to miss a party in Wageningen.'
Are you better than websites like Wageningen UP?
'We are more complete. We announce special offers on beer for example, so that you can give a cheap party at home yourself. And we also have pub reviews. We did a couple of pub crawls recently to put the finishing touches to those. Soon we'll also be looking at parties outside Wageningen.'
Do you have a message to add?
'Go to parties you'd never normally go to, like at the International club. And if you are having a party at home, spread the word through our site. And... subscribe to our newsletter.'