Organisation - March 12, 2018

WUR turns 100! (video & photos)

Roelof Kleis

Thursday evening, the centenary celebration of WUR was officially opened with speeches, performances, a laser show and free beer. Watch the video and the photos of this memorable celebration.

©Guy Ackermans

At the stroke of midnight, Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol, dressed in a brand new centenary sweater, climbed the stage to speak the long-awaited words. It’s our birthday! In front of him, at least a thousand students and several employees have been cautiously swaying along for the past two hours to the music of DJ Robert Feelgood.

Several acts have taken place before Mol briefly summarises the excellences of the 100-year-old and wishes the university an even better second century. The evening starts in Forum with a performance by the Dutch National Student Orchestra, who play the works of Debussy, Stravinsky and Kortekaas. President of the Executive Board Louise Fresco, who was a member and chair of the student orchestra WSKOV during her student years, expertly introduces the concert and all its parts.

Watch the video here: (story continues below the video)

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In the large party tent, the big band Sound of Science takes over and gets everyone warmed up. A striking number of international students are among the guests. The atmosphere is neat and upbeat. Perhaps partly thanks to the drinks on campus being free, a fact that according to the organisation was meticulously kept secret prior to the celebration. After all, you wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of people to your party.

View the photo series here: (story continues below the photos)

WUR100 Opening

After Mol’s pep talk, it is time for the laser show. The modern and environmentally friendly ‘fireworks’ smoothly project all the subjects that made Wageningen successful on a large screen. Research into and education about food, agriculture and the attention given to Mother Earth catch the eye in vibrant colours. All of this – a small but touching detail – above the statue of De Zaaijer.

It has started. The official dies natalis took place on Friday in Orion. Grand celebrations were held in the various student associations that evening. From Monday to Wednesday, it will be science’s turn, with a series of lectures around the theme ‘What’s life’. Visit the website of the celebration committee for the full programme.

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  • Z. Mroz

    Bij coïncidentie, als het gepensioneerde onderzoeker van de vorige ASG Lelystad, en later van de WUR, ik was zelf op 9 maart geboren (71 jaar geleden). Mede namens van Poolse wetenschappelijke gemeenschap ik wou graag van harte feliciteren aan de Heer Rector Magnificus - Arthur Mol en aan zijn alle medewerkers en studenten voor de 100 jaar Jubileum van de WUR. Ik deel met jullie de vreugde en wens nog lange, lange leven voor beneficiering van de Nederlandse en wereldwijde gemeenschapen.
    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Zlaw Mroz