Nieuws - 19 september 2012

WUR sustainability on show

With a special route, a photo competition and other activities, Wageningen UR hopes to make this year’s Sustainability Day special.

Wageningen UR is making its operations more sustainable in various ways. ‘This is visible on the intranet, which has a separate sustainability website, but not within the official WUR-site,’ says Gert-Jan Bulten, the coordinator of the activities during the sustainability day on campus.  ‘Sustainability is often invisible to the public.’ As such, the slogan for the day will be: Show it on 10-10.
The ‘show’ is literally a route across the campus along five examples of sustainability. Beside the Forum, for example, the visitor can get information about the processing of waste streams and other systems. The route also encompasses Lumen, Actio and Orion. A pity that NIOO (on the campus, but not part of Wageningen UR) is not included, which, with its new building, is ahead of Wageningen UR in terms of sustainability.

QR code
A novel feature about the route is that it is virtual and works with QR codes. The visitor receives information at each of the stations along the route via a smart phone held above the pattern on the code. A website will also be constructed for the route. This sustainable route will remain a permanent feature in the air, even after the sustainability day. Bulten: ‘We intend to broaden the scope of the route in the future.’ Alterra will be in charge of the technical part of the implementation.

A photo competition is being organized to attract employees and students to contribute to the sustainability day. ‘It concerns interpreting personal views about sustainability into pictures. For example, the efforts people make in their own work surroundings.’ Ten to twenty of the best photos will be exhibited in 30x40cm formats in Impulse. ‘And in more areas within the organization if this becomes a success.’ Photos should be submitted before 26 September.

More information on the sustainability day can be found on Intranet.