Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

WUR not buying savannah

WUR not buying savannah

Last week’s news in Wb that Wageningen UR is going to buy a piece of
savannah in South Africa for research on large grazing animals is not the

The executive board has announced that it hopes to obtain use rights to a
piece of land. The budget of one million euros that the board has made
available is to be used entirely for research. Wageningen UR is currently
engaged in negotiations with potential partners, including large landowners
in South Africa, about setting up a research station.

BSc graduates seeking work

One in five BSc students wants to get a job after graduating, rather than
continuing for a postgraduate degree.

This was the result of a study carried out by a glossy magazine, Sum,
distributed at universities in the Netherlands, in a special issue devoted
to the introduction of the two-phase Ba-Ma system. If this figure also
applies to Wageningen, it means that about 300 students will leave the
university here next year with a BSc degree. This would be a radical change
in the Netherlands, where students are not regarded as ready for the labour
market before they’ve obtained a Master’s degree. So far only 30 students
have received a Bachelor’s degree in Wageningen, and all have gone on to do
a Master’s study.

Christmas hampers

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the
old man’s hat. But what would Wageningen UR employees like to see in their
Christmas hamper from work this year? Wb did a lightning telephone survey
among members of staff, and publishes the results on page 8. Here are two
of them.

Inge ten Braak, Alterra: “There’s no such thing as the ideal Christmas
hamper. You can’t please everyone. I for one don’t drink, so there’s no
point putting a bottle of wine in my Christmas box. I’d rather have
chocolates. But it’s the thought that counts, and it’s a gesture of
goodwill. Sometimes I think, just give everyone a book token, then you
can’t go wrong.