Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

WUR management structure OK

WUR management structure OK

WUR management structure OK

Sciences groups, institutes, education institutes, research schools might
make Wageningen’s management structure an incomprehensible tangle to
outsiders, but that’s no reason to change things.

An advisory committee headed by GIS expert Prof. Arnold Bregt examined the
advantages and disadvantages of the complex WUR management structure and
came up with the following advice. Managers should stick to the rules and
not become involved in power struggles. Competences and authority are
clearly set out in the rules and these should be adhered to. The structure
itself does not need to be changed. Wageningen UR now has a matrix
structure in which the education institutes and research schools make
decisions about the content of education and research. The Sciences Groups
are where the financial decisions are made. The separation has advantages,
according to Bregt, one being that there is continuous discussion and
evaluation of policy.

New Wurnet causes bottlenecks

Many researchers are not happy with the new Wageningen UR-wide computer
network Wurnet.

Especially those who use their computers for complicated calculations have
run into problems, as these applications sometimes exclude them from the
network. A lot of individual solutions have had to be found. According to
the facilities management department many problems could have been avoided
through better communication: systems administrators are often not aware of
problems in departments. There are also many complaints about the
instability of the new e-mail system. In the last year there have been 50
major disruptions, and there are daily reports of minor problems. Many are
due to mail worms spread through address books. Unprotected laptops used by
staff and students are the biggest source of infection. “Whereas a couple
of years ago nobody minded if they could not mail for a day or two,
nowadays people get worked up if there is a delay of a couple of minutes,