Student - September 26, 2018

WUR Milestone: 50,000 alumni

Luuk Zegers

Last July, Eline Suijten (21) obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology and became WUR’s 50,000th alumnus. To celebrate, rector magnificus Arthur Mol congratulated her on Tuesday and offered her a WUR jumper. Suijten, with a chuckle: ‘I planned it well.’

Rector magnificus Arthur Mol and alumnus Eline Suijten. © Guy Ackermans

The number of diplomas per academic year has been growing with the university. While only 1,297 diplomas were awarded in the academic year 2004/2005, the number had increased more than twofold by 2016/2017, when it reached 2,946. So we will probably not have to wait another one hundred years for the 100,000th student to graduate.

Increase of diplomas per academic year; 2004-2017
04/05 06/07 08/09 10/11 12/13 14/15 16/17
BSc 275 343 454 587 854 991 1.095
MSc 627 839 1.016 1.027 1.271 1.585 1.851
Doctoraal* 395 125 25 10 1 0 0
Totaal 1.297 1.307 1.495 1.624 2.126 2.576 2.946

* ‘Doctoraal’ is a Dutch term from the times before the bachelor-master system was introduced. Is was the part of the academic programme that allowed a student to obtain the degree of doctorandus (‘one who has yet to become doctor’) after the propaedeuse (diploma of propaedeutic year – the first year of the programme).

‘Beautiful student time’
Suijten obtained her bachelor’s degree in three years’ time. ‘No retakes; I passed everything at the first try.’ The highlights of her student time in Wageningen: the concerts with De Ontzetting, where she played flute and piccolo, and her time with the power lifting association Wageningen Beasts. ‘I had a beautiful student time here and got to meet many great people’, Suijten says. She has since moved to Arnhem. ‘Many of my friends live here, so I will certainly return regularly.’

At the moment, Suijten is taking a year off from studying; a year during which she will work and think about her next step.

WUR alumni facts
Total number of alumni 50.020
Of which NL 38.543
Of which EU (excl. NL) 3.069
Of which non-EU 8.408
Dutch alumni 56,5% men 43,5% women
International alumni 49% men 51% women

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