Nieuws - 17 maart 2010

WU and VHL graduates soon find work

Graduates of Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein found work relatively easily last year. That is the finding from labour market data collected by the KLV and Larenstein alumni societies

More than seventy per cent of the Wageningen University graduates looking for a job had found work within a year. That is a finding from an evaluation conducted by the university among Master's students who graduated between September 2008 and September 2009. The KLV Wageningen alumni society analyzed the labour market data from the evaluation. About one in five of the graduates with work has a permanent job contract. More than half of them have a temporary contract. About a third of the graduates want to continue their studies by taking a PhD. Almost half of them have already found a suitable position.
Overall, nearly a third of the new alumni were working at a university. Consultancy firms, multinationals and the government each account for eleven to twelve per cent of the graduates. Five per cent go to work for an NGO.

Most Van Hall Larenstein graduates end up working for consultancy firms, the government or in the nature sector. Graduates are also attracted by the agricultural, financial and construction sectors. These are the findings of a survey the VVA Larenstein alumni society held among graduates of Velp and Wageningen. More than eighty per cent had found appropriate work within three months of obtaining their degree. The same percentage were satisfied with their work. Even so, forty per cent intended looking for 'a more suitable job' or work that would give more satisfaction in the next two years. Nearly one in five was taking a full-time or part-time course at university level, university of applied sciences level or in some cases even secondary vocational training level.
How do you find a job?
1. Through other channels
Through your internship, the university or your network. A successful method for nearly half of all alumni.
2. Online vacancies
A good approach for more than a fifth of the Wageningen University graduates and more than twelve per cent of the VHL graduates.
3. Through an agency
Temping agencies and recruitment agencies specialized in agriculture and nature helped more than twelve per cent of the VHL-ers get their first job.
4. Be asked
It doesn't say how they managed it, but six per cent of all graduates are actively approached by their future employer.
5. Open application
Three per cent of the Wageningen University graduates got a job that way, which is still more than the two per cent who found work by replying to an advert in a newspaper.
More info:
-VHL: February edition of VVA magazine, more in the April edition