News - April 1, 2004

WSO will not be housed in forum building

Despite a previous agreement, the student union WSO will not move to the still-to-be-built forum building, which will house all education activities. The Executive Board made the decision recently.

According to spokesman for the board, Simon Vink, the most important reason for the WSO not to move to the new building is that the forum building will not be open 24 hours a day. “WSO members often work deep into the night, and that will not be possible in the forum building, as it will create security problems.” Another reason for the Board’s decision is that only education-related organisations belong in the building. The study associations therefore will have accommodation in the forum building.

Initially space was reserved for the WSO in the forum building that was equivalent to the amount of space it occupies now in the Arion building in the Niemeijerstraat, as it is not known how long the organisation can remain here. “It is on the list of buildings that are due to be sold. The WSO will have to negotiate this matter with the Executive Board,” added Vink.

The WSO’s initial reaction was one of disappointment and regret at not having been officially informed of the decision. “The WSO is a real student organisation, run by students for students, and largely focusing on education. That’s why we were involved with the plans for the forum education building from the beginning,” commented Jasper Harms, WSO president. He has not yet given up all hope of the WSO going to the new building in ‘De Born’ when it is finished in 2006. “We are still confident that the Executive Board will offer us a suitable alternative. We would be happy for example with accommodation next to the forum building.” | G.v.H.