Nieuws - 7 oktober 2011

WSO may start afresh

The Wageningen Student Organization WSO may pick up the thread again next year, says its former chairperson Karmijn van den Berg.

The interim management of the WSO is having discussions with various parties to draw up a plan for the future of the student union. On the cards are cooperation with the progressive PSF Students' Union and a fresh start with a new board.
'A lot of sentiments poured in when we stopped. In the meantime, a number of people have come forward to indicate their interest for a management role; talks have already been carried out to this effect. However, we don't know yet if these will lead to formal applications', says Van den Berg.
It is still uncertain if the discussions between the interim management and those involved would result in anything concrete. 'No decisions have been made and we haven't spoken to our members yet. It's possible that nothing feasible will come out of all these in the end. We will know more in a few weeks' time.'
In mid August, the former WSO board decided to call it quits because the student union could not find new board members.