Nieuws - 15 mei 2008

WSO has no new board members yet

The Wageningen Student Organisation (WSO) has no board members for next year yet. This may mean the student union will have to close temporarily next year.

Other organisations that represent the interests of students in Wageningen have also been having difficulties recruiting enough active members. The Christian Student Fraction had no candidates last year and therefore is not represented on the present Student Council, and no elections need to be held this year for the student council as there are just enough candidates to fill all the seats.

Mandy Doddema, Student Council member for VeSte: ‘Next week we are organising the ‘Week of the Wageningen student’ together with WSO. We hope that this will make it clear to students what student representation is about and what our work involves.’

The WSO was not prepared to comment on the shortage of board members.