Student - October 14, 2011

WSO and PSF join forces

Wageningen students’ union WSO merged yesterday with the progressive student party PSF. PSF announced the merger on Facebook.

'PsfWageningen StudentCouncil is married to WSO Wageningen' has been the big news on PSF's Facebook page since Thursday afternoon. It is followed by the upbeat announcement: 'Yes, people: since yesterday WSO and PSF are officially together!'
Chair Romy Appelman confirms that the merger between WSO and PSF is a fait accompli. 'We drank a toast to it yesterday.' She does not wish to make any further comment at this stage.

In this week's Resource PSF member Derek Pan reported that talks were being held between the union and the student council party. According to Pan, nothing was clear yet; besides the question of whether the parties saw eye to eye on substantial issues, finances played a role too. 'Both organizations are funded by the university. What would that mean if there was a merger? Would it be allowed by the university?'