Nieuws - 27 november 2008


On Wednesday 26 November, two women PhD students were each awarded a 1500 euro travel grant by the Storm-van der Chijs fund for promoting the careers of women scientists at Wageningen UR.
Maria Tysiachniouk, a Russian PhD student of environmental policy won her prize for her sociological research on forest management in Russia.

A second prize went to Flora Chadare, from Benin, who is investigating the processing of products from the Baobab tree, whose leaves, seeds and pulp are edible. Chadare’s research will generate knowledge about fermentation and processing which will help local women to boost the income they generate by processing and selling Baobab products. It is expected that they will spend the extra income on improving the health and education of their children.
The Storm-van der Chijs fund also gave honourable mentions to Annelies Heijmans, student of Disaster Studies, Juana Delgado, of Irrigation and Gender Studies, and environmental technologist Claudia Pabon. The grants are provided by the Executive Board and the women graduates network of the KLV (Alumni Association).