Nieuws - 11 juni 2009


Which student association can serve the perfect beer? That was the question on Thursday 4 June at the Osiris annual beer-tapping contest in Leeuwarden. Four of the eight student associations in Leeuwarden competed in teams of five for the enviable title of ‘best tapper in Leeuwarden’.

An overwhelming flood of noise hits you as you go up the stairs to the first floor of Osiris student association’s Abydos building. The club songs of the four different student associations in Leeuwarden ring through the building, which stinks of beer. The din is the starting shot for the first competitor in this evening’s tapping context. He has clearly been looking forward to this moment. With a firm hand and a look of deep concentration, he grasps the first beer glass and pulls the tap with a sweeping gesture. He holds the glass at a forty five degree angle and fills it with golden beer. In less than six seconds the first glass is on the table, the excess foam skimmed off. Meanwhile there’s a crowd at the bar, with the shirts, jackets and polos of all the different associations represented. Egged on by songs and words of encouragement, the first tapper completes his task. ‘I’m not really here for the tapping’, explains the student from the Trias Politica association, ‘but purely for the atmosphere among the students’.

The contest is all about tapping beer according to the official rules. Each competitor taps two beers and serves them on a tray to a jury of four. The aim for Osiris students’ association is to bring students from different association together. It’s a success. The students from Van Hall Larenstein don’t do so well in the contest. And the winner? It is not Osiris but Io Vivat students’association that walks away with the prize: a five litre keg of beer.