Nieuws - 22 januari 2009


A disabled student is best off in Wageningen or Enschede, according to a recent Handicap en Studie survey in which both universities scored 6.8. Van Hall Larenstein had an average score of 5.9.

The national average was 6.0. Wageningen scored well on adaptating courses, special facilities, supervision and the teachers’ understanding attitude. Only the intake procedure was rated less highly: disabled students gave it a 6.2. Handicap en Studie surveys facilities for disabled students every year. The survey is carried out by Choice, as part of the annual Guide to Higher Education. About fourteen per cent of students in higher education have a disability of some kind, whether a physical handicap, a psychological problem, or a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.
And every year about two thousand disabled students drop out of their courses – a dropout rate that is twice as high as that among other students.