Nieuws - 11 december 2009

Vrijdag 11 december, half a forest in my bag


On the third day of our visit to the Climate Summit we did not have to wait at the entrance of the Bella Center(where the actual COP15 takes place), because we already had security passes from the day before.

Appie van de Rijt, derdejaars Tropical Forestry VHL Velp.
This saved us an hour of standing in the long row on the entrance. At the Bella Center there was a huge diversity of stands of NGO's(non governmental organisations), companies and institutes which are involved in green development, sustainability or energy. The people in the Bella Center are just as diverse as the stands you could find: indigenous people as well as business men. But the Bella Center is mainly focused on the economics in my point of view, while the most of the environmentalists can be found in the Klimaforum (the People's climate change summit).
Shut up
Unfortunately I was not allowed to enter the official negotiations, but I was able to support Friends of the Earth in singing their protest song in front of a negotiation room. They try to convince UN that plantations are not forests. The security did not like the fact that it was not officially approved and so we had to shut up.
After lunch I had a nice discussion with a representative from an international organisation which would like to save the planet with nuclear power. But he agreed on the fact that the waste disposal is a problem due to the risk of radioactive contamination and it would be impossible to guarantee a safe storage place for a long period.
Kilos of materials
Some of the stands have really creative ways to draw attention. For example at one of the stands you could put a picture and your statement on a huge map. All the stands had one thing in common, they handed out kilos of materials, books, leaflets and USB sticks. Talking about sustainability. When leaving the building I felt like having half of a forest in my bag.
Today was our last day on the climate summit. And tomorrow we will demonstrate for a systemic change not climate change! Finally action after all the talking!