Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

VoIP gets second chance

If everything goes according to plan SSHW tenants will be able to call using VoIP before the weekend. Telephone company Tell-Me will be offering the new prepaid VoIP service Com4tel, which will not require any subscription costs.

Almost four hundred SSHW tenants have been unable to use their VoIP telephone for the last few weeks due to problems with the Vocalis server. Before that there were also problems with a server that was hacked. Tell-Me expects that the introduction of the new VoIP service, which is not based on Vocalis, will mean the end of the problems. The new service will also be available outside the SSHW accommodation. At the time of going to press, negotiations were still being conducted between Com4tel and Vocalis on the transfer of phones and numbers. Willem Potjes of Tell-Me was able to say that he expected to reach an agreement before the end of the week. ‘We hope that the current users will be able to call again before the weekend.’ / JH