Organisation - November 29, 2019

Visit the artwork Algae Object Field at Forum now

Willem Andrée

A drawing of sixty square metres drawn using chalk from algae on six hundred tiles. Welcome to the MIR pavilion (mobile exhibition space), which has been next to the Forum building for several months. Last Tuesday the work by artist Lenneke van der Goot was officially unveiled. It can be seen until Sunday.

©Tessa Louwerens

Van der Goot worked on the drawing for two months. Van der Goot: ‘I set up a chalk lab and produced the coloured chalk myself using algae from the AlgaePARC, which is also on campus here. The drawing became an imaginary city, with neighbourhoods – interconnected islands. The work is about chaos and metamorphosis, but also about connection.’

It was a long-held wish of the MIR project to be in Wageningen. ‘Art and science are connected in many ways. As an artist, one often treads unknown pathways, not knowing exactly where one is going. But there is a drive to continue, and then one encounters beautiful adventures. That sometimes happens in science as well. I recognise the search.’ Van de Goot’s work can be seen until Sunday 1 December.

Johan Rijpma investigates the role of randomness in gravity and falling objects. He will be working on his installation throughout December and January, which will be ready to be admired from 23 January.

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