Student - May 23, 2016

Video: Elevator pitch CSF

Linda van der Nat

Starting from Monday 23 May students can vote for the student council. For the people that have not made a decision yet, Resource has asked several different parties to give an elevator pitch. Here CSF presents theirs.

The elevator pitch is a short but clear presentation in which somebody presents themselves in about sixty seconds. Ties Terlouw is leader of CSF (Christian Student Party) and he explains during the elevator ride why you need to vote for his party.

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Filmed by Daniel Dreadson

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  • Wakker Vlees

    Whereby? Wat is dit voor een clown?!

  • Reële rover

    Auw, wat was dit pijnlijk... ook om naar te kijken.

  • Jan

    Sterke presentatie hoor, Ties. Beetje lauwe pies.

  • Jan-Willem

    Zet hem op, Ties!