Student - 19 juni 2015

Video: Earning money lying down

Koen Guiking

Now, that is a relaxed way to earn some money: lying on a mattress, slowly moving across an onion field in a silent, solar powered machine.

Liggend bijverdienen in de weedeater. Ideaal studentenbaantje.

Those eight people, lying face-down on their beds, are working. They are weeding.

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The machine that they are in is solar powered, so there are no diesel fumes and there is no noise. The four (former) university students and four high school students in this 'weed eater' are working for Ecofarm De Lingehof in Randwijk. 'We don't lie in this machine every day', clarifies Martin Semichon-Linard, who has a master's degree in Forest and Nature Conservation. The weeding is being alternated with the harvesting of strawberries. And in the months to come these students will also help to harvest other crops at the organic farm.