Nieuws - 27 mei 2004


The United Students Party (VeSte) was founded in 1997. VeSte focuses on the interests of what are referred to as active students, in other words the students who undertake extracurricular activities. VeSte distinguishes itself from the PSF the trust it has in the board of the university. According to VeSte this does not mean that Veste is not critical of the board. But VeSte promotes itself above all as a pragmatic movement. This year VeSte has six seats on the council.

Tang Yun is the highest international student on the VeSte candidate list; she's VeSte's number four. Yun comes from Chinaand has already completed her master’s in Environmental and Energy Management. As chairwoman of the International Student Panel, Yun is already trying to improve student life in Wageningen, but she thinks she can be more effective by gaining a seat on the student council. “I have contact with a lot of international students. I want to be the link between international students and the university. I want to make their voice more powerful.” The second and last international student on VeSte's candidate list is Meng at number seven. Meng was attracted to VeSte because she wants to solve practical issues in a pragmatic way. Meng was also a member of the student consultative body in China. “Here you have more impact. Students have more rights.” The international candidates of VeSte want to work in close harmony with the other student parties. “We all have the same goal, we are one big family,” as Yun puts it.