News - September 14, 2009

Veluweloop race only decided in final lap

Aeolus Incredible from Enschede won the 29th Veluweloop in record time, but their victory was only secured in the final lap of the race...

The outcome of the cross Veluwezoom relay race could only be determined in the last of the 12 laps. The Suicide Bunnies from Nijmegen were leading the pack after 11 laps, but rival Aeolus saved their best for last, went all out in that final lap and left the Bunnies trailing behind in eighth place. Not good enough to be the overall winners, but putting them well ahead of number three, Tartletos Germaanse Vandalen.
A first
Bagging the top prize in the Veluweloop is a first for Aeolus. In 2006, the Aeolus Running Team, a group of athletes based at Twente University, won the first part of the Veluweloop, but ended up in tenth place. Aeolus came in third two years ago, clinched the second place last year, and now became the new champion.
Tartletos was the fastest of the eight student teams. A total of 88 teams made it to the finishing line. In the first-ever alumni race, the fastest alumnus was Jeroen Zeinstra, followed by Ate van der Burgt and Jan Kranenbarg.