Nieuws - 27 augustus 2009

Velp waterslide record of 26.70 metres

Watersliding was by far the most popular activity at the sports day during the Velp introduction days. But the live table football between Quercus and Arboricultura drew a big crowd too.

Watersliding means taking a running dive onto a long plastic sheet smeared with liquid soap. It proved the most popular game at ‘Gein op Larenstein’, the sports and games day on Tuesday 25 August.
The longest slide that day was 26.70 metres. ‘I don’t know what the national record is, but this is quite a distance. Next year I’ll have to get a longer plastic sheet’, says student sport coordinator Inge Bosma, who also chairs the introduction committee.
Tuesday morning saw 171 first years ready for the introduction at Van Hall Larenstein. No sooner had they set up their tents in the grounds than it began to rain. But that didn’t spoil the fun, says Bosma. Most of the games, such as watersliding and the ‘sponge pants race’, involved getting wet anyway.
The live table football drew a big crowd too. The boards of the rival student societies Quercus and Arboriculture were locked in a fierce battle. But both parties could leave the arena with heads held high. It was a draw. / AB