Nieuws - 14 december 2011

Velp is collecting money for Serious Request

Van Hall Larenstein in Velp is set to get its own Glass House. The 'aquarium' in the auditorium will turn into a DJ's studio where students and staff will be able to pay DJs from the applied university to play requests.

Each year, just before Christmas, the radio station 3FM joins forces with the Red Cross to organize 'Serious Request', where three DJs shut themselves up in a glass house to raise money for charity. VHL wants to do its bit for this action with its own Glass House. The VHL locations in Wageningen and Leeuwarden will also be taking part through a live video link. The applied university hopes to raise between 1,000 and 1,500 euros for charity. This year, proceeds will be going to mothers in conflict zones.

VHL is not the only organization doing something for Serious Request. Last week, Ceres, KSV, SSR-W and Unitas organized a party for charity (raising nearly 1,300 euros) while Biologica, Wageningen's biology society, is holding a benefit event. The study association will be auctioning 'biological items' (such as a trip on a marine research ship and a piglet preserved in fluid) during its Christmas dinner.
The DJs in the official Glass House, which is in Leiden this year, have to survive five days without food. The DJs in Velp won't exactly be fasting though; the event is being combined with the Christmas party and there will be drinks, snacks and hot meals available. Incidentally, the initiators are still looking for volunteers to act as DJ.