Student - 5 juni 2014

VeSte wins student council elections


VeSte won the student council elections for 2014 with a clear majority of eight seats. Newcomers S&I and CSF each gained two seats.

Foto: Rob Goossens

‘We stood there beaming when the results were announced,’ says VeSte leader Soline de Jong. ‘We had been conservative in our forecasts: five, maybe six seats. We didn’t expect this.’ Besides De Jong, VeSte will be represented on the council by Rogier Eldering, Tjerna Ellenbroek, Karel Brasser, Robin van der Bles, Jelske de Kraker, Sander Schalkx and Kim Duintjer. Duintjer was on the VeSte list to boost the campaign, without intending to sit on the council. With 1862 votes, VeSte ended up with enough support for an eighth seat, but Duijntjer will stand down for another candidate.

Si Zhou and Charles El-Zeind will represent the newly formed Sustainability & Internationaliza­tion (S&I) party on the council. Party leader Zhou has ‘mixed feelings’ about the results. ‘On the one hand, I am happy that we managed to get two seats. On the other hand, I think it’s a pity that the other candidates will not be on the council.’ S&I got a total of 597 votes.

We stood there beaming when the results were announced
Soline de Jong

The Christian Student party (CSF) is pleased with the results. Leader Jordi van Kleeff is happy with the 380 votes they got, and, thanks to an unassigned seat, will join Jan-Willem Kortlever on the council. ‘Apparently there is enough support for a Christian voice within our university,’ says Van Kleef. ‘I m very curious how the collaboration with the other parties will go.’ VeSte is positive about the prospect of collabora­ting with CSF and S&I: ‘That way you prevent the formation of a mo-nopoly,’ says party leader De Jong.

The emergence of two new parties seemed to attract new voters, because the turnout of 35.4 percent was more than 10 percent higher than that of 2013. By way of comparison: the turnout at the University of Amsterdam this year was only 20 percent. Around the middle of June, it will be made known who will chair the student council. According to rector mag­nificus Martin Kropff, the council is heading for a challenging year. ‘Student numbers will go up considerably next year. This will mean more responsibility for the student council,’ he says. ‘And besides, the new strategic plan has to be evaluated this year.’

Re:acties 1

  • criticus

    Veste won de 8 zetels door hun enorme man kracht.
    Mensen kennen hun visie niet ze werden bij de ingangen van de onderwijs gebouwen met lichte klem verzocht op hun te gaan stemmen en hier was meestal ook gelijk ruimte voor bij computerzalen.
    Gefeliciteerd met de overwinning maar als mensen de visies van de 3 partijen hadden bekeken en als csf en de chinezen meer mankracht hadden dan was de uitslag heel anders uitgevallen(ten nadelen van veste)!


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  • Kees

    Loon na heel hard werken. Gefeliciteerd VeSte!

  • Redactie Resource

    Het is aangepast, bedankt!

  • Correctie

    Jelske de Kraker komt ook in de raad namens VeSte.