Nieuws - 3 juni 2010

VeSte wins majority of seats for Student Council

VeSte (United Students) has clinched nine seats in an overwhelming victory at the student council elections. The PSF (Progressive Student Party) manages to gain only three of the twelve seats for the next academic year.

To be exact, 1592 students each cast a valid vote during the elections for the student council. Of these, almost 30 percent took the trouble to vote for the Corporate Participational Body of and for the students. The PSF obtained 349 votes, good for three seats. The other nine seats went to VeSte, with 1185 votes. This was announced by Martin Kropff in the Forum on 2 June.
The leader of VeSte, Erwin Hofman, received 187 preferential votes. 'This is a resounding victory. We are absolutely delighted and are roaring to go', was how Hofman reacted right after the results were made known. Ewoud Nijhof, number one on the PSF list, said that he was pleased too. 'Three seats is the minimum, and we can get things going with that. We have a good team and will try very hard to make a comeback next year.'
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