Nieuws - 8 juni 2011

VeSte is setting up a society

Student party VeSte is going to become a society. That means the party will no longer just operate as a political group within the Students' Council, it will also be a political organization that students can join as members. The official foundation of the society will take place on Thursday 23 June. VeSte is calling it a 'very significant step for student participation in Wageningen'.

Over the past year, VeSte has put in a lot of work internally on making the party more professional, explains spokesperson Martijn Kuller. 'We found it rather strange that VeSte is really no more than a name. You have different people each year, with different ideas. We felt this situation was less than ideal.'
VeSte hopes that now membership will last longer than a year, the party will have more body and students will be more closely involved in the student interest organization's work. More people will be able to discuss key topics, and students will have more say in the party's position on matters. 'You have more people giving feedback then during general meetings, which makes things more democratic', says chairman Erwin Hofman. The political group for the Council can also be formed in this way and approved by the members.
The society will consist of the committee plus students who support the VeSte objectives, for example the committees of other student societies and departmental societies, and former members of the VeSte political group. That will ensure continuity on both sides, says Hofman. 'Suitable candidates for the political group can be selected from among the society members. At the same time, a new team can benefit from the knowledge and experience of former Council members.'
VeSte wants to hold general membership meetings and organize party conferences on key topics. The political group should give an account of its actions to the members, and the members should be able to propose motions. Kuller is curious to see how much enthusiasm there will be among students. 'The VeSte supporters group already has three hundred members, and the committees of various student clubs have already told us they want to be at the foundation meeting.'
Interested in attending the foundation meeting? Everyone is invited, and it is on Thursday 23 June at 20:00, at LA13.