Nieuws - 2 november 2011

VeSte eases the wait for the WUR shop

The first day of the new period saw the usual crowds queuing for the WUR shop. Student party VeSte handed out coffee, tea and biscuits to the waiting students.

At lunchtime on Monday, the Forum hall resembled the arrivals hall at a train station. 'Ladies and gentlemen, waiting time for the WUR shop has increased to forty minutes.' VeSte members paraded with a megaphone up and down the queue of waiting students in the Forum hall, calling out in four different languages how long students would have to wait for their books. Others handed out coffee, tea and biscuits.

Large numbers of students pick up their books from the WUR shop on the first day of the new period. Which inevitably leads to long queues. Student party VeSte thinks both students and lecturers could do something to ease the situation, says Willemijn Sneller. 'Some lecturers only reveal what material is needed for the following period at the last minute. They could do that sooner. And students should make sure they have their book codes and money ready. We are using this action to point that out to them.'

The university will be starting a pilot scheme in the fourth period with an electronic ordering system. The hope is that this will make the long queues for the WUR shop a thing of the past.