Nieuws - 8 september 2005

Van de Wetering resigns

Director of Communication Annette van de Wetering announced her resignation to colleagues last week. Van de Wetering has not yet found a new job. She is leaving because she finds Wageningen ‘too inward looking’. ‘That was my impression when I started here, and that hasn’t changed. The continuous fight to try and bring about a change has not led to job satisfaction. I am not comfortable in this atmosphere, despite my fine colleagues and excellent boss.’ Van de Wetering has worked for Wageningen UR for two and a half years. ‘People say that I am leaving quickly, but that’s not how I see it. It has been enough; I never planned on celebrating my silver jubilee here.’ The Executive Board is looking for a new director of communication outside Wageningen UR. Van de Wetering will stay on part-time until a replacement has been found. / KV