Organisatie - 30 april 2015

Van Staalduinen resigns

Albert Sikkema

The managing director of the Social Sciences Group, Laan van Staalduinen, has offered her resignation to the Executive Board. As reason she states that she is ready for a new challenge. Van Staalduinen will leave by mid-June.

Van Staalduinen became SSG-managing director in February 2012, first as interim, then permanently. She has shed the LEI, the department of Social Sciences and the centre for Development Innovation (CDI) through a difficult period, with her clear management style and explicit  vision, claims the Executive Board, who regret that she is leaving. The SSG-managing director will use the summer to think in peace about her further career.

TheEecutive Board is looking for a successor. From mid-June on, Raoul Bino, managing director of AFSG, will act as observing managing director of the Social Sciences Group until the successor has arrived.