Nieuws - 7 juli 2011

Van Rooijen no longer welcome at VHL

Programme director Hans van Rooijen has been asked to stay away from his work at Van Hall Larenstein. Sources say VHL director Ellen Marks told Van Rooijen on Wednesday, 6 July that he ‘has been excused from his duties’ and is no longer allowed in the building. His e-mail account has been closed.

This morning (7 July), Marks spoke to the staff of Forestry and Nature Management, the degree programme for which Van Rooijen was the director. The staff did not find out why Marks wanted to get rid of Van Rooijen as this is not something Marks wishes to make public.
'Marks did not give a convincing account; there were no substantive arguments for why this dismissal is necessary and in the interests of the University of Applied Science', says the chair of the Employees' Council, Dennis de Jager. 'The staff have only got angrier.'
The staff are busy with a petition to keep Van Rooijen at VHL and to press for Marks's dismissal. The employees want to hand the petition to the Wageningen UR Executive Board Chairman, Aalt Dijkhuizen, on Tuesday, 12 July. Staff and students also put up posters today saying 'Hans must stay'. They got taken down again on the Board of Directors' orders.