Nieuws - 19 september 2011

Van Rooijen and Marks to talk

Hans van Rooijen and Ellen Marks are going to see whether they can reach an agreement, with the help of a mediator. This was reported on the VHL intranet.

If this reconciliation effort works, Hans van Rooijen may be reinstalled in his post as programme director at VHL. Just before the summer holiday, he was suspended by director Ellen Marks because he disagreed with her policy. This caused outrage at VHL in Velp. Last week, the staff of  Van Rooijen's programme, Forest and Nature Policy, organized an alternative opening of the college year, with the economist Arnold Heertje. Some of the staff feel that Van Rooijen should stay and Marks should leave.

VHL's intranet website only gives brief information about the renewed dialogue. The message on the website reads: 'Hans van Rooijen and the management of Van Hall Larenstein have agreed to try mediation with the aim of exploring the possibilities for keeping Van Rooijen at VHL in his post as Programme Director.' In the interests of giving the mediation the maximum chances of success, the parties have decided to make no further comment on the matter.
The mediation follows talks between Van Rooijen's lawyers and Wageningen UR last week.