Nieuws - 29 september 2009

Van Paassen second best in Hardewijk cyclo-cross

The first national cyclo-cross competition of the season was a tooth and nail fight between Sanne van Paassen and Daphny van den Brand. Van Paassen was finally beaten by her teammate at the last bend.

Sanne van Paassen getting across the sand at a competition in Antwerp
'I veered a little too much to the outside in that final bend', says Van Paassen, 'and in that split second, she cut in.' This student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies is very disappointed to have come in second. 'I felt so capable of making it.'
She owes this good condition to her move before the summer from Wageningen back to Vlieden, where her boyfriend and parents live. 'That has brought me so much repose.'
Not only does she have aspirations to win, Van Paassen has no lack of discipline or intelligence either. This fourth year student has already begun on her Masters study. 'Nothing unusual.'
Van Paassen, cycling for team, currently gets free haircuts as well. 'I recently have a personal sponsor: Hairsalon BrainWash.' /YdH