Nieuws - 9 september 2010

Van Hall Larenstein: 7.5

I am in: Velp, at the 'greenest applied sciences university of the Netherlands', Van Hall Larenstein. Located at the centre of a housing estate is this cruise- liner-shaped building in which study programmes and various training and courses are conducted on subjects such as nutrition, animals, environment, water, green living space and international trade. Standing in the centre of its dining room is a ping pong table. Avenance is in charge of the catering here.

I eat: Toscana tomato soup, a focaccia with pâté, and one - well, two apple turnovers.
I taste: delicious soup, thick, sour and homemade; a focaccia, fragrant, crispy and with thick slices of pâté; an apple turnover, creamy, rich, sticky and warm. Each item tastes as good as the rest, as if my grandma herself has made them all. I even go back for a second apple turnover; after all, I need to taste it properly, don't I?
I get: a little confused by this cruise liner. The hip dining room has many electric green accents and a table arrangement like that in a real restaurant. The canteen itself is however more like a soup kitchen, a back alley with little white tiles, where people walk in columns alongside the dished out food items. There is, however, a lot to choose from: anything you wish for from the deep-fryer and a large assortment of buns with egg salad, pâté and smoked salmon. Everyone loves these, but do they still come across the whole lot often?
I find: that two apple turnovers are far too filling for lunch. It does, however, show that even pampered gourmets can enjoy themselves in the - soup-kitchen-like canteen in Velp. Don't expect luxury, but a tasty lunch for a very reasonable price.
Score: 7.5