Organisatie - 8 december 2015

Van Dam comes to talk about the 2 percent measure of ministry

Albert Sikkema

Martijn van Dam State Secretary for Economic Affairs is going to consult with Wageningen UR on the 2 percent measure that limits the government contribution to the university. He promised the parliament on 3 December.

More over together with minister Bussemaker he will write a letter to make it clear if the cabinet wants to transfer green education to the ministry of education.

Van Dam made it clear that he did not take the transfer of Wageningen University, the agricultural colleges and the agricultural training centres (aoc’s) to the ministry of education lightly. ‘The cabinet values the so called ‘golden triangle’  between business, government and knowledge institutions and also the quality of education’, says Van Dam to parliament. The minister wants to stick to the vision of the education sector that the cabinet presented in September. ‘The green education is strongly focused on practical, small scale and international. If the ambition is to transfer, then the advantages of green education need to be preserved.’

He is going to write a letter to parliament with the cabinets views on the adopted motion of the parliament to transfer green education to the ministry of education. The letter will probably be presented in January.

Van Dam did not comment on the claim of Wageningen UR that the ministry of Economic Affairs did not fully fund the student growth. He will first talk with the Board of Directors. On the claim of the aoc’s who point out that they will be cut by 28 million in the coming year, he was clear. This reduction should be maintained, says Van Dam, because with that their financial level would be the same as other mbo. He advised against a parliament motion to make the reduction of the aoc’s undone. ‘This task is necessary and is irrespective of the motion to transfer green education.’